Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I got to Bali yesterday with a friend and today we went for a beautiful bike ride through the small villages and rice paddies. We saw them harvesting rice, got a tour of a local Balinese home and coasted most of our 25km. I almost got lost once when I missed a turn, but the guide ran me down (yeah I wasn't going too fast). Then my camera flew out of my pocket but luckily survived. I had some trouble with my bike gears and walked up the big hills :).

Then we came back, got some cokes and beers, jumped in the pool and now we're on break due a rainstorm passing through. Tonight is Havana Cafe for some Latin food and apparently all the waiters are practiced salsa dancers.

Definitely a fun way to spend Christmas when you can't be with family. I can't update Facebook so will try to post more here. No pics until I'm home. The iPad isn't so good with the camera or me figuring out how to transfer them here ;).

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  1. What a Christmas indeed! Enjoy, Lena and Merry Christmas to you and yours!