Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hit Girl!

If you have seen Kick-Ass, you might recall the young Hit Girl.  If not, I recommend putting it on your rental list. Even with Nicolas Cage, it was still a good movie.

We had our annual work Dinner and Dance with the theme of "Heroes".  Now, yes, a hero can be a police officer, fireman, doctor....but are those any fun?? No, only superheroes (and villains, but that wasn't an option).  However look for any female superheroes and all you find is skimpy spandex.  That was not going to work for this female.

I didn't want to end up looking like these fools (also a favorite TV show of mine):

Anyway...I did come up with two options, the losing option was Xena Warrior Princess, which would have been fitting but was too difficult of a costume to find in a few days.  Hit Girl was pretty easy to pull together, or at least my take on Hit Girl. Here's our side-by-side.  Of course I've got a few years on her :)!  It was a fun a night!
Source: the RPF

I figure not too bad for a 4-day turnaround.  I'm not sure that the movie was released here in Singapore though.  About 4 people knew who I was and 3 of 4 were non-Singaporean.  There were a number of people who dressed up.  Here are a couple pics (I did not do a very good job of taking pictures!).

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  1. In my job we call police officers, fire fighters, doctors, etc "community helpers." That's how they teach the kiddos these days. I like your wig a lot!