Friday, November 19, 2010

My favorite Bali

So I've only been there twice, but man if you are looking for a great get-away, Bali is it.  I will have to visit again during my stay here.  It has been my only vacation of pure pool-side laying out, reading and sleeping.  I know I've been lazy lately and not keeping up with posts - but here's some pics from my October vacation (I had to put in a couple of the cows from home....those are not in Bali :)!)

The black one in back - yeah that will be me basking in the sun in a couple days. how do I get out??
The low tide was at 10am, so it was weird in the morning to see the water recede.

The Bali Dragon ;)

My pool-side club sandwich and pineapple juice.

Yes, I was actually up at 5am one day to watch the sun come up and water run out.  Believe it!

Almost stepped on this bad boy while wading out into the water.

Locals would go out fishing or crab hunting or something.  
I think you could walk all the way out to the reef and only be chest deep.

View of one of the hotel buildings.  Bali Hyatt - very nice.

Lounges in the gardens and in towards the pool.  I quickly learned that the garden ones were under trees with birds.  Almost pooped on....returned to the pool quickly.

WHOA! See the giant lizard that snuck by me??

More snail friends.  No rain, so he was all curled up.

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