Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving readers!  I hope this finds you comfortable at home with family and friends with wonderful aromas throughout the house.  Then, gorge yourselves and take a well deserved nap :).  Leave those dishes for later....

Or, follow my lead and eat out on Thanksgiving!  I wouldn't really recommend this unless you're outside the U.S.  I mean why wouldn't you want home cooked food??

My Thanksgiving was rescued by a fellow American, arrived only a few weeks ago.  She arranged dinner for 10 of us expats to have Thanksgiving buffet at a very nice, well known hotel here in Singapore.  While it was named Thanksgiving and there was turkey....we can only conclude that no Americans were consulted :).

Missing: mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, can-molded cranberry sauce (although real, warm cranberry sauce was there) and green bean casserole (or any casserole for that matter).  The only potatoes were German potato salad...not screaming Thanksgiving.

However, present was: assorted cheeses and breads, sushi bar, oysters, hot fudge (ice cream too), black pepper crab, nutmeg pumpkin soup, smoked salmon, cinnamon squash, crème brûlée and more!

Sorry - was caught up in great conversation and forgot to get pics.  Enjoy the long weekend!!  

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  1. Michelle was just talking about that black pepper crab today! It sounds delicious!!!!!! Happy belated Thanksgiving! Traditional or not, glad it was TASTY!