Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Technology is Wonderful

And I'm not even talking about my Skype phone to call over the internet or my air conditioners that turn on and off at the click of the remote.  I'm talking about refrigeration technology!

Some of you may be aware that the fridge here when I moved in was not so hot (or rather not so cool).  It wasn't working well - probably a couple of months ago now - and the repairman came.  He "fixed" it.  That lasted about a week when I noticed it wasn't too cool anymore.  Crank up the temperature dial....oh, wait, it's already up as high as it will go. 

Well my apartment was a disaster - dirty dishes, a dining table full of random crap, mail everywhere, shoes all over, you name it. So I wasn't about to call the landlord now.  I don't really cook anyway, so no big deal right?

It probably was that way for about 3 weeks or more [gasp!].  Yes, I know I'm super lazy about cleaning.  Until one weekend I cleaned and emailed the landlord. The next day the fridge motor was soooo loud, I had to close the kitchen door.  The following day, super had died.

Luckily the landlord agreed a new one was in order and last Saturday, one day back from Bali, I got a new fridge!! Lovingly decorated with all your christmas wishes :)!

I've got some ice cream (cookies'n'cream) that will actually not turn to mush now.  I've also made some ice cubes - ooh big accomplishment I know. :)

I went to the grocery store tonight, so I've actually got a little bit of food back in the fridge.  I've got my milk, juice, deli meat (turkey), cheese (havarti and mild cheddar), left over KFC, hummus and red peppers (in a jar). It's got a weird LED light and the top tray is for meat.  Apparently there is some light in there that is suppose to ward off bacteria.  No meat yet, so it will have to be tested another day.

And here is the surprise bottom drawer! It's for vegetables - don't you love all my veggies! ;)  I mean don't tomatoes, avocado, oranges and apples qualify?

I didn't know what I was missing without a fully-functional fridge.  Had to share my happiness :)

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  1. Lena!!! I miss you!!! When is a good time to call you? I want to be able to catch up!!! :):)