Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changing Seasons

Alas, there is no turning of leaves or light frost in the morning.  The season I am referring to is "peak period", "busy season", the "audit zone". :)  Now some of you may be thinking...oh yes! the year is over and it's time to prepare taxes.  But I actually don't work on taxes - and with my moving abroad, this year (and for the next few) work is even helping me preparing my returns.  I am very thankful for this :).

You will notice that my postings are more sporadic as this time of year does get quite busy for me.  The Asian countries have a reputation for working long hours and Singapore is no exception.  I've heard the horror stories from co-workers of being at clients until 2-3 in the morning (and worse)! and then back again at 8/9am - for weeks at a time.  I will not function on that schedule and luckily my current schedule seems to take that into consideration. 

I will try to keep everyone updated, but my life probably won't be too exciting the next few months.  However, Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival as it's called in China) is coming in February.  It's based on the lunar calendar and last year was at the end of January.  I've heard there are festivities ongoing for like a month.  So I hope to experience some new things next month. 

Coincidentially, it also falls on Valentine's Day - which, yes, is a Hallmark holiday here as well.  Although it sounds like there might be a lot of Valentine's wishes sent via SMS (i.e. texting) rather than mailing of actual cards. 

Happy seasons to all!!

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