Sunday, July 25, 2010

Salon Day

When it comes to make-up and hair, I'm a pretty low-maintenance gal.  This is demonstrated by the fact that I have waited almost a year before getting my first haircut in Singapore.  I'm not sure why I was so nervous (I don't get highlights or anything), but I was - so it just grew.  

Finally this weekend, I decided it was time.  I had been scoping out places every time I am out and about, and I settled on a fairly large salon in a nearby shopping mall.  Friday I stopped by to make an appointment - I thought mid morning (10am) would be good.  I asked if they also did manicures/pedicures and signed up for one as well.  They lady scheduled it also for 10am, which I thought was odd, but didn't argue.

Next morning, always running late, I grabbed a taxi rather than wait for the bus.  Got to the mall at 9:45...ghost town.  I forgot that Singapore doesn't really get going in the early morning. However, McDonald's was doing breakfast business and I got me some food.  With 5 minutes before my appointment, I walked around a mall still mostly closed to business.  It was weird.  The salon didn't slide up their doors until exactly 10am.  I hadn't realized I was going to be the first appointment for the morning. 

They took me to the back, sat me down and provided me the 'color' menu for my mani/pedi.  Apparently both the mani/pedi and haircut would be at 10 after all.  The stylist asked what I wanted and how long since my last haircut.  I was embarrassed, but honest.  She immediately commented that must be why I had so many split ends and my hair was very dry.  These comments were followed up by a quick question as to whether I wanted to try one of their conditioning treatments.  Come to find out it was $105 for the cheap one as compared to my $40 cut & wash.  I doubted how dry my hair could be in such humidity being as it only gets washed every other day or so and I haven't been swimming a lot.  I think this was a marketing technique for which I did not bite.  She was disappointed - more so when she found out I also don't color (do you want to try?) or bond (chemically straighten) my hair. 

The cut begins, dry hair and all.  I'm paying for a wash....when's that going to happen?  Last time I had my hair cut dry it left little hairs everywhere and was not the best cut.  She was using a single scissor blade as a razor to put in layers.  I was a little worried about how this was all going to turn out.  Meanwhile, I have a second girl at my feet, washing them, trimming nails, smoothing callouses, etc.  Haircut comes the separate lady to wash, pedicure still ongoing.  My hair gets suds and a massage for a while until we're ready to rinse.  To the wash sink - now this is familiar.  Then, back to my chair for a dry and finish of the mani/pedi.  I had four different people working on me - one time three all at once. Another girl finished my pedicure while the nail technician started on the manicure.  It took the lady the whole time of the manicure to dry my hair - no wonder she wanted me to take the conditioning treatment, they planned to blow out every ounce of moisture :). 

(before & after shots)

Finally all finished, it actually looked and felt great.  I was very happy.  After moving to dry my nails further, I did a little shopping.  For one of the first times ever, I did not have pieces of hair all over me and my shirt.  No shower required immediately following the haircut!  It was a different experience but turned out to be great.  It may have been more the 'big salon' than the 'Singapore salon', but I don't plan to wait another year for my next appointment :).

To round out the morning I got some cute new sandals to go with my pedicure.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!


  1. Cute new haircut, and sandals!! :) Glad that it was a good and not too very scary experience :)

  2. Your haircut is adorable! I was too nervous to get one when I was over there...