Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a co-worker visit me last week on a business trip.  It was great to have a dinner buddy :).  So we tried some new restaurants.  But more to come on that post.  I got a new phone, with a camera and I can't figure out yet how to get my pictures off.  In the meantime...

Some quick randomness

Signing up for something online in Singapore, I got to pick out the necessary "security question".  It was funny to see what my choices were:
1) what is your pet's name (normal)
2) what is your favorite hawker centre dish (i.e. food court dish)
3) what is your street name (normal)
4) what is your favourite local drama in Mandarin (anyone have a fav foreign language tv show? Does Dora count??)
5) what is the name of your school (normal)
6) what is your girlfriend's dialect name (what's her is pop? or soda?)

It is written into my apartment lease that I must have my airconditioners (4 total) serviced for normal maintenance every 3 months.

I don't drive in Singapore. But I did manage to drive on the wrong side of the road once when I was back home in Feb.

One of my co-wokers recently had a baby.  Just like in the U.S. we took a collection for a baby gift.  However, as a thank you, I received in return a gift certificate for a cake at a local store.  Give a gift, receive a gift I suppose. 

None of the streets in Singapore are straight and the road name changes every 4 blocks or so.

No one really holds the door for you, but they'll push the "open doors" button in the elevator until you've safely exited.

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  1. what is your girlfriend's dialect name - whaaaat!?! That's amusing :)